Women, career and confidence

I went to this meetup about building confidence at workplace and been planning to write on a particular topic since then.

So, in this meetup I learned from the participants’ discussion that we (women) always focus on our shortcomings. When it comes to job application, if there’s a set of 5 requirements and a girl sees that she has 4 of it, but lacks 1, she’ll mule upon the 1 that she doesn’t have and wait till she’s prepared herself better. But by then the opportunities are gone. And in the same scenario if a guy sees that he knows may be 2 of them, he’ll apply right away.

An unfortunate insight I learned from a female recruiter is that the companies choose guys based on “potential” and girls based on “merit”. So moral of the story is, don’t sweat on the shortcomings, we all have them. People are getting smarter. They are realizing that enthusiasm and integrity is much more valuable than merit.

When it comes to taking a step ahead in order to achieve something and you are not sure if you are going to make it. Just go for it, what’s the worst that’s going to happen? You will not get it. And that holds equally true if you don’t even take that step. So go ahead and take a chance on yourself. Always.

I am a software developer, who is easily intrigued by anything tech and is always thriving to make software development more inclusive and empathetic.

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