In search of balance for Bangladeshi working moms


I’m from Bangladesh, now living in Melbourne, Australia. In Bangladesh the culture of having childcare is not prevalent. And raising children is still considered to be women’s job. So if you are a working mom in Bangladesh, you have to resort to having a nanny, unless you have any family support. At the time when I wrote the piece below, there was a news making waves, that a nanny had rented out the child to a beggar-lady, who would drug the baby to put her to sleep and carry her around to increase her chance to earn some money. As soon as the news hit social media, instantly opinions formed criticizing the mom. How she “only” cared about her job and left the baby with the nanny.

When mom’s a dev

I find it very unfortunate that whenever any concern about a child’s well-being raises, the first thing to come under scrutiny is the mother’s career! Yes I agree, mothers are more equipped and capable when it comes to care for children. But, there has to be a way out. Why do we always have to think in a destructive way? Why do we always want to ruin a woman’s career as a first step to solve ANY effing problem? Well my rant is related to a post I just read that the nannies in Bangladesh are renting out children to the beggars, who use them as props to beg. As much scary as it sounds, we need to think rationally. Because the writer was (not very) subtly criticizing a mother’s decision about her career. This bothers me so much! If a woman wants to have it all, why do you have to keep raining on her parade, why can’t you think of ways to facilitate her to achieve both! Bangladesh has so much unemployment issues. If we now think about the childcare industry, which is very much predominant in the Western world, it will be a great employment opportunity and will essentially solve this issue as well. So please if you can’t find a constructive solution to a problem, don’t just go around your way and preach about how it is always upto a woman to make compromises. Let’s not make our lives a tragic tale of compromises rather let’s make them success stories of the superwomen! #rant #parenting #career #balance

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