While I was preparing for my AWS Machine Learning Specialty Certification exam, I was looking for a place where I can have quick look at the summaries. Being a total novice in this area, I found this kind of resource saved my time looking up for information on the built-in algorithms that Sagemaker offered. However, I couldn’t find any such things. So, I created these notes. I hope it will come handy for someone, who shares the same intention as myself! I will share another summary, I created in a tabular format, in a different post.


Runs in two modes:

Maven enforcer plugin has many usages when it comes to managing dependencies. The one I am going to give an example of now, has to do with banning certain dependencies.

The use case is something like this — you have a multi-module maven project. As time has grown your repo has evolved and now you have the need to deprecate a module. You want to make sure that when someone is building using a module — they don’t use the older implementation. The way I have managed it is, using mvn enforcer plugin.


As I familiarize myself with the Machine Learning technology, I am keeping notes of the concepts that I am coming across. Someone else like me, may benefit from this. So here goes the first part of the glossary.

Confusion matrix: Confusion matrix for a classification model is a layout that visualizes the performance. It displays the number of times the algorithm was able to predict correctly. The horizontal axis shows actual labels and vertical axis shows predictions. As an example, lets say we have a model that filters spam messages. There can be 4 possible outcomes:

  1. When an email is…

Nifty way to automate installations — Expect command.


yum -y install expect

autoexpect ./your-installer-file.sh

This will spawn your installer file and prompt you for the answers to the questions and you will provide answers just this once — I promise! It will record your answers and generate a file named script.exp in the same directory. Next time or any number of times you want to run the installer with the same inputs, you just need to do:


And you are done!

If you are a woman in tech, you must be familiar with “Imposter Syndrome”. Even if you don’t know what it means, I can bet at one time or the other, you have definitely felt it.

Few weeks ago I went to a meet-up/workshop that was titled “overcoming imposter syndrome” arranged by Code Like a Girl. The presenter was an Engineering Lead of Zendesk — Prakiti. She very nicely explained the concept by sharing her own examples. She explained how she felt that she did not deserve the role (of Engineering Lead) that was offered to her. And I could…

I am considerably new with Ansible and wanted to verify the changes I have made to an existing Ansible project. I found a nifty solution to my problem. I am now running the Ansible playbook inside a docker container. I got inspiration from couple of places that I should give credit to:

So what I have done is, I am creating a Docker container with the open-ssh server, sudo and python installed. Then I am adding an inventory for the docker container. Finally I am executing a bash script where I am building my image, running the container and then…


I’m from Bangladesh, now living in Melbourne, Australia. In Bangladesh the culture of having childcare is not prevalent. And raising children is still considered to be women’s job. So if you are a working mom in Bangladesh, you have to resort to having a nanny, unless you have any family support. At the time when I wrote the piece below, there was a news making waves, that a nanny had rented out the child to a beggar-lady, who would drug the baby to put her to sleep and carry her around to increase her chance to earn some money…

I went to this meetup about building confidence at workplace and been planning to write on a particular topic since then.

So, in this meetup I learned from the participants’ discussion that we (women) always focus on our shortcomings. When it comes to job application, if there’s a set of 5 requirements and a girl sees that she has 4 of it, but lacks 1, she’ll mule upon the 1 that she doesn’t have and wait till she’s prepared herself better. But by then the opportunities are gone. …

Ayesha M

I am a software developer, who is easily intrigued by anything tech and is always thriving to make software development more inclusive and empathetic.

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